Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brain Food Dude #66

Here is the final episode of the Brain Food Dude podcast. Download here, or find us on itunes. 

History Under the Influence

One of my favorite episodes of Hard Core History covers the topic of drugs and alcohol abuse throughout hisory.

You can find this episode here.


Daniel Okrent just wrote a book about the history of prohibition called "Last Call". This podcast episode of Econ Talk interviews Okrent about not just the rise and fall of prohibition, but also who supported it in the first place (the Klu Klux Klan and the women's suffrage movement were totally in favor of prohibition, while the Jews, Germans, and Catholics were against it). This is a good history lesson, and they make an interesting point that so much public policy is ultimately shaped economics.

Listen now, or download it from itunes. The itunes release date was 6/7/10.

The Mammoth Cheese

Here's on of my favorite episode's ever from The Thomas Jefferson Hour. This show highlights 3 stories about Jefferson, one about a moose, one about a prairie dog, and one about an enormous piece of cheese.

Listen here, or download on itunes. The itunes release date was 12/6/09.
In 1910 the U.S. was hit by the largest wildfire in the country's history, which burned an area the size of Connecticut over the course of a weekend. This episode of Fresh Air discusses the fire, and also has some great tales about Teddy Roosevelt wrestling and skinny dipping (not at the same time).

This episode is no longer available on itunes, but you can listen now.

History of Childhood

On this episode of Planet Money, a history of childhood.

This episode is no longer available on itunes, but you can listen here.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Brain Food Dude #65

Brain Food Dude #65 is now available. Listen here, or subscribe on itunes.

Slow Down

Carl Honore on TED:

L.A. Gangs

Gregory Boyle is a priest who cares. He operates Homeboy Industries, which staffs former gang members. Listen to an interview with Boyle on Fresh Air.

Pirates Have Timesheets

Planet Money breaks down the economics of modern pirating. Listen here.

Prison Sounds Terrible

Wilbert Rideau knows prison, and he shares an excerpt from his book in this episode of Vanity Fair Writer's Reading.
Listen now, or download it here from itunes. The release date on itunes was 4/27/10.

Iron Man Madness

A few years ago Radiolab did a show about "limits," which included a segment about one of the craziest Iron Man stories ever. To download click here. The release date of this episode was 4/5/10. After you listen, here is the video of Julie Moss falling apart at the end of her Iron Man Race:

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Brain Food Dude #64

Brain Food Dude #64 is now available. Listen here, or subscribe on itunes.

A Family Among Us

Take a listen to "A Family Among Us" a short story by Blake Kimzey, produced by

David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace at Kenyen College in 2005:


Every try reading James Joyce's Ulysses, but couldn't understand what the hell is going on? Here is your savior, a podcast by Frank Delaney that dissects the book one word at a time. It's called Re:Joyce, and I'm hooked.

Saturday, June 2, 2012